2016 Highlights with MCI

Our 2016 Annual report is now available on our site! We added three new board members during the 2016 year: Deb Levine, Gail King, and our treasurer, Robert Miller. We have all the components of a truly wonderful team, particularly with our new Director of Operations and Programs, Dr. Logan Nickels.

We continued our media blitz during the 2016 year, too. We directly published in three outlets and were mentioned in the media over 30 times last year. Some of those media spots included NPR’s Marketplace, The Guardian’s Science Weekly, MIT Technology Review, The Irish Examiner, and Salon. Among our media hits, 14 were outside the US.

We made sure that we continued to connect with all the right people. We presented for both the International Consortium on Male Contraception as well as for World Vasectomy Day. Both of those events helped us to acquire new as well as cultivate existing relationships. Our work depends on our connections to those involved in policy as well as in research.

Some of those connections have continued to pay off. In 2016 we went to Airlangga University in Indonesia. That trip gave us a deeper understanding of the work on Gendarussa and helped us to connect the Airlangga University team to FHI 360. Based on those connections, Airlangga University acquired funding for a Phase II human clinical trial.

We also remained research focused. Our team’s work in 2016 led the way to a paper that is now under peer review. The paper looks at the number of averted unintended pregnancies given the introduction of a new male contraceptive. As we look at the way our organization moves forward in advancing a new male contraceptive, we also look for empirical support to test whether our actions actually lead to the outcomes we think will happen.

From the whole MCI team, thank you for your support through another great year! We look forward to continuing this pattern of success in future years.

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