Aaron Hamlin, M.P.H., Esq.
Executive Director
Cincinnati, OH

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Aaron is a licensed attorney. He has an executive background in the nonprofit sector and has worked as a senior in-house counsel within the private sector. He received his J.D. from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Michigan. There, he did probono legal work helping new nonprofits. He has additional graduate degrees from Miami University and Indiana University.

At Miami University, his master’s in education coursework focused mainly on statistical analysis. At Indiana University, his research in public health focused on modeling and presenting contraceptive pregnancy rates over longer time scales. This work paid particular attention to differences in typical versus perfect-use pregnancy rates, coding issues in contraceptive pregnancy rates, and simultaneous dual-method use. Aaron went to Northern Kentucky University near where he grew up to earn his B.S. degree in psychology while minoring in mathematics.

Aaron has been interviewed by multiple media outlets on male contraception, including AirTalk on NPR, Vice.com, and IEEE Pulse. He’s also written for The Telegraph and the blog Our Bodies Ourselves.

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