David Serfaty




David is the founder of the International Consortium on Male Contraception, International Menopause Society, European Society of Gynecology, as well as founder and chair of the French-Speaking Society of Contraception. He serves as president of the College of Medical Gynecology of Paris-Ile-de-France and honorary president of the European Society of contraception and the National Federation of Colleges in Medical Gynecology. He’s a co-author of the book Contraception and over 200 other publications ranging from medical books to peer-reviewed journals.

David has also either chaired or been president of the European Society of Contraception, the National Federation of the Colleges in Medial Gynecology, and the Association of the Centers of Birth-Control of AP-HP. And he was the director of the Center of Birth Control and Gynecology; creator and co-director of the University Diploma of Contraception at Lariboisiere-Saint-Louis Faculty, Paris; and director of clinical teaching at Lariboisiere-Saint-Louis Faculty of Medicine.

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