3 Ways to Start a Conversation about Male Contraception

It may seem hard to start a conversation about contraception. But when conversation lags, we’ll be happy to help you out with three good ways to bring up a topic sure to liven up the discussion.

1 – Set embarrassment aside.

There’s no need to be embarrassed. Contraception is a normal topic in today’s world. Nearly 98% of sexually active women have taken some form of birth control, and over 60% of all women are currently using contraception. Conversations about birth control dispel myths and encourage others to learn about the benefits of family planning.

2 – Save Taxpayer Money

There are huge economic benefits to contraception for all of us taxpayers AND the person using the contraception. For every dollar invested in family planning, taxpayers save close to 4x as much down the line.

And for each woman using contraception, a family saves even more. Consider if we had male contraception options – we could double our impact.  Over half of men surveyed would use a potential new contraceptive method, and women overwhelmingly stated they would trust their partner to be in charge of the birth control.

3 – It matters to YOU.

The reasons to support male birth control are as diverse as the people who do. Some use it as a platform for gender equality. Others see it as a means for advancing family planning and scientific research. We know of people who want male contraceptive options to make an impact on climate change. And of course, many many men want to have a stake in the conversation about reproduction.

No matter your reason, starting a conversation about why male birth control matters helps to spread the word, and builds a bright future.



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