We have lots of ways for you to get involved. Just click on one of the volunteer buttons below and we’ll see what we can do. You can tell us what type of volunteering you’d like to do, any ideas you have, and a bit about yourself. If you don’t see what you’d like to do listed, just run your idea past us anyway. We’re open-minded folks!How does this work? We’ll put you on a project, generally something small to start out. For volunteers that work out, we give public praise in our newsletters and social media. We also give references! This is a great way to help out an awesome cause while building up your experience. Plus, you may not even need to leave home!

 Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to help out fundraising. One easy way is to start a fundraiser with Crowdtilt. Just check that you’re fundraising for a US nonprofit and enter our name. Our EIN is 47-1124856. You can “donate your birthday” and ask people to donate instead of giving a gift. You can also pull together your own fundraising event. Let us know what you’re thinking!  Hitting the ground and connecting with the public one-on-one defines grassroots. Are you interested in handing out our material? We’d say you’re pretty much guaranteed to have some awesome conversations. Drop us a line and we’ll make sure you get what you need.
Host Houseparty
We thrive on publicity. When we get interviewed or are involved in writing an article, that means our work gets more attention. And because of the work we do, that’s good for everyone. Are you good with identifying appropriate media and getting leads? Press releases? We have a spot for you. This doesn’t even feel like volunteering and yet it’s so powerful. Just invite some friends and have them invite others. We’ll make sure you have access to fliers, our video, and a fun activity. We’ll also show you how to conveniently let guests make donations. Depending on the timing and attendance, we may be able to have one of our board members or staff available via Skype or Google Hangouts. You’re in store for an awesome time.
College Outreach
Media Production
Networking and organizing is never as straightforward as it is in college. Whether you’re interested in starting a student group or hosting us for a talk, we’re here to give support. Let’s talk to see how we can make something happen. Video and audio media is a great way for us to generate content. Unfortunately, things like editing, aftereffects, and transcription are time and skill intensive. On the bright side, we’re pretty good at finding people to interview. And we have plenty of other ideas. With your help, you can help us produce more awesome content. Plus, when you see our content, you’ll know you had a part.

Please fill out this contact form if you would like to volunteer.


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