Why Do We Need Male Contraception Now?

It’s time for male contraception.

Current contraception options available for men are falling short. Vasectomies are perceived as an irreversible method, and the real-world pregnancy rate for the condom is 13% —a truly high number if you’re looking for a fail-safe birth control method.

Better contraceptive options for men will bring equity to family planning, as more men share the fertility responsibility. Every new female contraceptive method created has resulted in increased contraceptive use, fewer unintended pregnancies, and healthier children around the world. We expect the same to be true for future developments in new male contraception.

It’s imperative we make a change in the contraceptive landscape today.

There are 80 million unintended pregnancies each year worldwide, and we haven’t seen significant innovation in contraception, particularly non-hormonal methods, for decades.

Reducing unintended pregnancies can help break the cycle of poverty. Researchers also expect to save taxpayers over $5 billion per year in short-term medical costs. Savings in long-term costs are expected to be much larger, just by ensuring family planning needs are met for all.

Consider donating to MCI. We’ve shown how we can make male contraception a reality: Be a part of the solution with us.

Male Contraception Initiative

We advance our mission through research, media, and educational outreach. We:

  • Award grants for innovative and promising research in the field,
  • Network with and connecting to researchers to advance the field,
  • Perform research on the potential impacts of male contraceptives,
  • Survey attitudes towards and acceptability of male birth control, and
  • Advocate for suitable policy and funding for male contraceptives.



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