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Promising News for Male Contraception...

We’ve written before how the Affordable Care Act covers all female contraceptives but not a single male contraceptive. This omission is particularly odd considering men only have two options they can purchase—condoms and vasectomies. A vasectomy is cheaper, less invasive, and more effective than a tubal ligation. And male condoms are not only popular for […]

How Do You Evaluate the HEX Condom?

Unless we come up with a vaccine for every sexually transmitted infection (STI), condoms aren’t going anywhere. We’ve said as much before. In one national study that gave data on men, one in five men with a regular partner reported using a condom during their last time having sex. Among men with a casual partner, […]

Searching for Katharine McCormick

Ever wonder why the birth control pill exists? Naturally, there were great scientists behind the Pill. Folks like John Rock and Gregory Pincus had the ideas and scientific skill to make it happen. And there was Margaret Sanger who pulled everyone together. Sanger was a spokesperson of sorts and an expert networker. Smart people with […]

It’s Men’s Health Week, and One Docto...

by Valerie Tarico Originally published on Dr. Stephanie Page at the University of Washington talks about why male birth control matters. The Centers for Disease Control declared June 13 to 19 of 2016 as “National Men’s Health Week.” If it was Women’s Health Week, media experts would be talking a lot about sexual health and, […]

International Consortium on Male Cont...

This month we had the pleasure of being invited invited to the first meeting of the International Consortium for Male Contraception (ICMC), held in Paris. This was an invitation to researchers and players in the field of male contraception. Presenters spoke on a number of topics regarding research techniques, social impact, and prospective male methods. […]

Better Birth Control for Men – How Wo...

by Valerie Tarico Originally published on Most people think of contraception as an issue of women’s health and rights. But for millennia, men too have wanted choices—the means to decide whether, when, and with whom they father a child.Coitus interruptus or the “withdrawal method” was practiced as early as 2500 years ago, and from […]

Is It Time for a Vasectomy?

As a guy, whether to get a vasectomy is one of your biggest decisions. This isn’t merely a thought experiment for me. As I write this, I’m one of the half-million American men this year healing from my own vasectomy. So we’re on the same page, let’s review the basics. A vasectomy involves accessing the […]

Two Updates In Male Contraception

There were two exciting updates in March on male contraception. A research team at the University of Minnesota announced that it’s getting closer to a lead compound for a male Pill. Also, the Parsemus Foundation published the results from its clinical trial on Vasalgel using rabbits. The University of Minnesota’s research team’s discovery was that […]

Our Visit with Read My Lips Radio

  We wanted to share our recent interview with Read My Lips Radio. We got a chance to talk about our trip to Indonesia, the background of our organization, current male contraceptives, and prospective methods like Gendarussa and Vasalgel. We should note that we said in the interview was that the cost of production for a new […]

An Update On Our Affordable Care Act ...

“Even with my cadillac health insurance I still wasn’t covered. I had to go out of pocket. It’s insane.” -Aaron, Los Angeles, CA (petition comment #657) Aaron’s sentiment is shared by over 12,000 others who signed our petition. Every contraceptive is covered without co-pay under the Affordable Care Act. That is, every contraceptive except two: […]

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